November 3, 2021

“Bow to the teacher”

Teacher is a noble name. He feeds and teaches his disciples.
upbringing, inculcation of good qualities, moral orientation
The teacher has done a great job in guiding. That is why he is always a holy person
differs as. Teachers who come every year at the same time as the new school year
The day also touched the autumn. In this regard, the first day of October
College students dedicated to “Teacher’s Day” called “Bow to the teacher.”
A festive meeting was organized.

The head of the college – A.M. Manarbekovich himself
began with warm words and congratulations. With this festive event
The coincidence of Labor Day did not go unnoticed. At work
Workers who showed good results were awarded letters of thanks.
In honor of our teachers, talented students of our college
put their art in the middle. Best wishes and words of gratitude on behalf of students
said. At the end of the meeting, sang the song “Teacher” and greeting cards

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