November 3, 2021

In October, the district on REM

As part of the planned work between the college and PSE “Bayanaul district hospital” October 11 of this year, anexperienced psychologist of the clinic Abylkasova Saltanat Oryntayevna met with college students.

The purpose of the meeting was to develop skills for effective problem solving.
Objectives: to form an understanding of good relations between students
and learn to create strategies for solving problem situations.
Saltanat Oryntayevna commented on the purpose of the meeting: “I am with students
I have to meet, that people have psychological services in the area, in difficult problem situations
to know that there will be people who apply and other services will be provided.
The format of the meeting was in the form of training after acquaintance and explanation. Second-year students for the training
took an active part, everything was interesting and ended in a good mood.

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